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Do you need to catch a glimpse of the future?

Perhaps you need to see what's in store after Aunt Mabel died and left you in charge of the ominous family curse, or maybe you just want this week's lucky bingo numbers? Well look no further because the Mysterious Mystic Macaron will reveal your future in one delectable bite! 


Each macaron will grant the eater approximatley 2 hours of clairvoyance. We are offering our macarons in Strawberry. New flavours will be available seasonally.


* Clairvoyant results may vary. Caution is advised. The bakery takes no responsibility for events witnessed and subsequent physcological damage. 


These are ornamental (not edible) and are made of resin and acrylic, sized at approximatley 2"x1"

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as they are made to order!



Mysterious Mystic Macaron - Preorder

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