November 1st 2019

Small Wonders

November 22-24 2019

Splotch - DesignerCon



Spark 2019

January 2020


October 2-5 2019

Moniker Art Fair 

May 31st

Underworld Muses Doll Show

Los Angeles

May 10th

A Night at the Movies

Penumbra in Portugal 

March 15th

A Dream Within A Dream 

Penumbra in Portugal

March 1st

Heroes & Villains

Dynamite Gallery in Brighton UK

February 1st

2019 Showcase

Arch Enemy Arts

December 7th

Tiny Works

{9} The Gallery in Phoenix USA 

December 7th

Epeolatry - A Literary Focused Exhibit

Auxillium Haus in Oregon 

July 6th

Flora & Fauna

Alexi Era Gallery in Oregon USA