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Curio Gallery - Haunted Show

This piece is almost finished. She's a smaller version of the purple hanging bust I did for Arch Enemy Arts Gallery. Once finished she'll be heading off to Curio Gallery for their small works Haunted show in November.

The last few touches to be added are the floral elements in her hair and the beaded strings that will hang from her torso.

Her mix of stark white and rich red is a very classic horror colour combination to me, I wanted a character with a gothic romance feel and I'm really happy with how she's turned out. I must admit I had Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak in mind when making her, that movie is so stylistically beautiful, his use of the colour red is so satisfying!

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1 commentaire

Alex Aronowicz
Alex Aronowicz
24 juil. 2023

WOW that red really pops!!

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